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Gaya Marina is a Russian-born and raised bilingual singer-songwriter and educator. She plays guitar and piano, delicately delivering her catchy melodies paired with observant and descriptive lyrics mostly about love and romance.

She's written over a 100 songs for herself and collaborated on many more for other artists.

The only Russian student of Berklee's legendary songwriting professor Pat Pattison, mentored by Billboard N1 hitmakers Pam Sheyne (Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle") and Richard Harris, she has worked with Spotify Top-5 artists in her market, as well as developed young songwriters.

Writing songs since she was 16, she has been a significant part of Russian indie-scene, played solo shows and festivals, managed bands and wrote about music, and took part in MTV's Casa Musica. Her blog Nerd Pop (in Russian) grew to be one of the most important sources about songs and pushed her to become the first official songwriting teacher in the Russian-speaking world, including mentoring at the Levi's Music Project. She's been quoted in Forbes and interviewed about pop culture on live television.
She's been based in Africa for over 2 years now. In February 2022 she relocated to Cape Town, South Africa, and became a part of the local scene through performing every week at the Songwriters Showcase at the "House of Machines", and after 1,5 years there, moved up to Nairobi, where she's went from trying standup comedy for the first time at an open mic night to performing to a sold-out crowd in 3 months via the Punchline Comedy Club and now is choosing to focus on her first love — writing music and performing songs.

She is open to collaborations, including co-writing, playing and singing with other musicians, as well as hosting events as an MC (worked with Levi's and Canon).
Hosting (and performing at) the Levi's Music Project graduation ball, 2020
Co-writes and mentorships
"Money Race" by IOWA
Lyrics by me
"8 Minutes" Music video
(Written + produced by me, in Russian)
"Begin Again" / 2016
"Songs About You"/ 2018
"365" / 2016
"Knocking On Heaven's Door" cover / 2016
"Letters On A Screen"
"Galaxy" / 2016

Live On-Air interview about Billie Eilish on TV Rain
My teaching philosophy is to give a map and give tools to be able to read it, so that the student could understand where they are, where they want to get and what different ways they might want to choose and have fun in the process.

Our tools are coming up with the content (idea, concept, the title), communicating it efficiently (storytelling, logic, consistency of the narrative), as well as using the shape and technical parameters to work best for this particular song and story. These are the number, length and rhythm of line, and types and rhyme schemes.

We work with the language, meanings, sounds and with how comfortable the audience would be with listening to the song and understanding its meaning from the very first listen.

What's important for a songwriting teacher
(for Moscow Music School)
I talk about the major things, including the ability to think and continuously evolve by yourself
Pat Pattison's Songwriting Seminars Summer Series: completion certificate
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